5 Most Sustainable Building Materials


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5 Most Sustainable Building Materials

Construction is an art which has been around since the beginning of human civilization. There are numerous methods of constructing buildings, and most of the methods use cement and concrete in the process as they are once of the strongest building materials. However, concrete or cement releases a lot of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which results in global warming. But there are several alternative materials which assure sustainable construction as well as durability. Lots of residential and commercial buildings are opting for sustainable building materials to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle.


Despite the fact that deforestation for construction is not at all an eco-friendly solution, it can be a good alternative if done in an organized matter. The wood for construction still has many advantages over concrete, starting from the fact that it can absorb CO2. It does not even require high energy-consumption to become a construction material. It can be quickly available from a properly managed forest which also grows trees on the other side.


Mycelium is an innovated building material which is made by combining the root structure of fungi and mushrooms. It is a completely natural material and can be grown around a composite of other plants. It is quite flexible and can be moulded into different shapes which makes it easily available for all kinds of building projects.

Straw Bales

Straw bales is actually a very old building material which can be grown naturally. It is a naturally occurring material which was first used for building homes at the times when concrete was not invented. This natural building material is strong enough to replace all the man-made building materials. It posses high insulation ability and nowadays it is used for decoration purposes at homes. It possesses all the qualities to replace all the artificial materials as it is renewable and affordable.


Bamboo is available in ample in the forests as well as man-made gardens. It has a lot of applications ranging from food items to get used for musical instruments. But the best application of bamboos is its ability to be a strong building material. Bamboo is a very lightweight object with high tensile strength. It is easy to grow and can grow quickly. It is affordable enough to replace all the preset man-made construction materials. It also benefits the areas which are prone to disasters as the bamboo and withstand great impacts to be used again for construction.

Recycled Plastic

Plastic waste is available in ample, and since it is hard to decompose, a new alternative is being researched to use the present plastic on earth. One such alternative is to use recycled plastic as a construction material. It will save time and effort for mining building materials while providing equally strong strength as building blocks. It can not only provide creative 3D build home designs but also solve the problem of plastic waste.