Victorian inquiry to address low-carbon energy solutions, how to encourage use

01 Feb 2012
Property Council
Property Council of Australia

A Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission inquiry will address how to encourage the creation of low-emission energy among households and businesses. In particular, the inquiry will consider the design of Victoria’s electricity feed-in tariffs and regulatory barriers to distributed or embedded power generation.

The Property Council Victoria division welcomes this announcement, having long advocated for the use of feed-in tariffs and improvements to electricity regulation in order to promote low-carbon systems.

The national carbon price will be introduced on July 1, 2012.

The Property Council with ClimateWorks and Seed Advisory released Unlocking Barriers to Cogeneration. This report highlights barriers to the wider use of cogeneration technology: 

  • Inefficient connection processes that are costly and time consuming 
  • Lack of clear guidelines about the roles and responsibilities of distribution network service providers 
  • A prejudice against multi site and precinct-level systems

The report suggests: 

  • A national, standardized connection process 
  • Automatic connection rights 
  • Useful, direct licensing frameworks

For more information contact Property Council Victoria Policy Manager, Mendo Kundevski, on (03) 9650 8300.


Inquiry into Feed-in Tariffs & Barriers to Distributed Generation

Unlocking Barriers to Cogeneration

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